2009 Michigan Educational Technology Standards-Grades 9-12

2009 Michigan Educational Technology Standards—Grades 9-12

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2009 Michigan Educational Technology Standards-Grades 9-12 by Mind Map: 2009 Michigan Educational Technology Standards-Grades 9-12

1. 9-12.RI. Research and Information Literacy

1.1. 9-12.RI.1 develop a plan to gather information using various research strategies (e.g., interviews, questionaires, experiments, online surveys)

1.2. Download Hot Potatoes software from http://www.halfbakedsoftware.com/hot_pot.php and have students create questions or online surveys

2. 9-12.TC. Technology Operations and Concepts

2.1. 9-12.TC.4 describe uses of various eisting or emerging technolog resources (e.g., podcasting, webcasting, videeoconferencing, online file sharing, global positioning software)

2.2. Use Google Docs Presentation to complete a group project. This will allow multiple group members to work on the project at the same time.

3. 9-12.CI. Creativity and Innovation

3.1. 9-12.CI.3 use a variety of media and formats to design, develop, publish, and present projects (e.g., newsletters, web sites, presentations, photo galleries)

3.2. Use http://animoto.com/ to create a video using pictures and videos

4. 9-12.CC. Communication and Collaboration

4.1. 9-12.CC.2 use available technologies (e.g. desktop conferencing, e-mail, videoconferencing, instant messaging) to communicate with others on a class assignment or project.

4.2. Create a classroom blog using Blogger and the students Gmail accounts.

5. 9-12.CT. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

5.1. 9-12.CT. use digital resources (e.g., education software, simulations, odels) for problem solving and independent learning

5.2. Have students use http://www.khanacademy.org/ to find helpful videos and exercises on different science and math subjects.

6. 9-12.DC. Digital Citizenship

6.1. 9-12.DC.4 identify ways that individuals can protect their technology systmes form unethical or unscrupolous users

6.2. Have students go to http://onguardonline.gov/ which has articles, videos and games related to protecting your computer, computer scams and staying safe online.