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Future of web apps by Mind Map: Future of web apps
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Future of web apps

Get excited build things

web apps, not native


What to build

Avoid the patent trap

Disrupt what is complacent

Future of commerce Neil Sample

buyers, sellers, devs

Buyers, sellers

Changing rapidly

People shop differently now

Web enabled growing

Huge opportunity for the ecosystem


Open Source solutions

Merchant awesomeness

Developer awesomeness

Marketing your app to success

Getting distribution, trial

1st. How to get it used?

Think about data





Get the key players on your side

SoundCloud Eric


Flowtown Lean startup

How to build a product

Started services

Get traction

Gift Marketing

Get paid

Early adopters

Competition to learn - not distract


Activity streams

Age cohorts


Repeatable and scalable

Releasing MVP

This app is 1% finished Bob Baldwin

Think about what's left to be done

Your journey is 1% finished

Think long term

Know your biggest challenge

Dislike your own app

Build extreme prototypes

Done is better than perfect

HTML5 games

Dynamic content

Dave McClure 10 tips on how to pitch a startup

Elevator ride

Pitch the problem not the solution


Put the best bits first

Consider removing future metrics

Tap into context

Expect to be

The script is not your slides - the script is the face of your audience

Market size

Business model

Proprietary technology


Marketing plan



Ways in