Features and overview of skype.

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skype by Mind Map: skype

1. Tool Bar

1.1. Skype

1.1.1. Online status Change online status

1.1.2. Profile Make profile changes

1.1.3. Member Options Privacy Account Buy Skype Credit Change Password

1.1.4. Other Sign Out Close

1.2. Contacts

1.2.1. Add New

1.2.2. Import

1.2.3. Create New Group

1.2.4. Categories

1.2.5. Show Outlook Contacts

1.2.6. Sort Contacts By Change Contact Organization

1.2.7. Hide Contacts Who Are Offline Are Offline with Call Forwarding Haven't Shared Contact Info

1.2.8. Advanced Backup Contacts Restore Contacts Managed Blocked Contacts

1.2.9. Hide Facebook Contacts

1.3. Conversation

1.3.1. In Conversation Options Send Profile Panel Add People Rename People Leave Block Find View Old Conversation Mark As Unread Hide

1.3.2. Any Time Option Apps

1.4. Call

1.4.1. For Making and Receiving Calls Contact Specific Call Video Call Video Options Share Screen Incoming Call Answer Ignore In Call Mute Microphone Hold Transfer Hang Up Show Dial Pad Any Time Audio Settings Learn About Call Quality Call Phone Number

1.5. View

1.5.1. Sidebar Buttons

1.5.2. Voicemail Messages

1.5.3. Files Sent and Received

1.5.4. SMS Messages

1.5.5. Instant Messages

1.5.6. Full Screen

1.5.7. Compact Mode

1.5.8. Hidden Conversations

1.6. Tools

1.6.1. Apps

1.6.2. Change Language 32 Language Options Load [Additional] Language Edit Language

1.6.3. Accessibility Extended Keyboard Navigation Screen Reader Mode

1.6.4. Share with a Friend

1.6.5. Skype Wi-fi Access

1.6.6. Options

1.7. Help

1.7.1. Get Help

1.7.2. Heartbeat (Skype Status)

1.7.3. Welcome Screen

1.7.4. Call Quality Guide

1.7.5. Check for Updates

1.7.6. About Skype

2. Side Bar

2.1. Home

2.1.1. Skype Home Random Contacts Picture Call Status Update Bar Skype Contacts Facebook Friends

2.1.2. Profile

2.2. Subscription

2.2.1. Shows... Skype Credit Number of Subscriptions

2.2.2. Types Available New Window Calling Group Video Skype to Go Number Voicemail Call Forwarding Online Number Text Messages

2.3. Contacts

2.3.1. Contact Page Picture Shared Profile Info Video Call Call + Send File Send Contact Share Desktop Show Messages Yesterday 7 days 30 days 3 months Send Message Instant SMS

2.3.2. Views Contacts Organization Facebook Friends Recent Conversations

2.3.3. Add New By... Email Phone Number Skype Name Name New window

2.3.4. Create Group Name Group Drag Contacts to Create Group Call Group Instant Message Group

2.4. Call Phones

2.4.1. Dial Pad Country Drop down country code list. Numbers Call Quality Info Call Text Message (SMS)

2.4.2. Rate Information

3. Profile

3.1. Public/Contact Profiles

3.1.1. User has control over what is public, contact only or private.

3.2. Picture

3.3. Information

3.3.1. Skype name

3.3.2. Phone numbers Home Office Mobile

3.3.3. Email(s)

3.4. Location

3.4.1. Country

3.4.2. Region

3.4.3. City

3.5. Time zone

3.6. Website

3.7. Personal

3.7.1. Gender

3.7.2. Birthday

3.7.3. Language

3.8. Account Info

3.8.1. Subscriptions

3.8.2. Online Number

3.8.3. Voicemail

3.8.4. Call Forwarding

3.8.5. Caller ID

4. Connecting

4.1. Video

4.1.1. Conference calling BY SUBSCRIPTION

4.1.2. Skype Contacts FREE

4.1.3. In call screen . Contact Video Contact Name Call Duration Your Video Navigation Buttons

4.2. Audio

4.2.1. In call screen Profile Picture replaces video. Dial pad option replaces instant message.

4.2.2. Skype Contacts FREE

4.2.3. Phones BY SUBSCRIPTION Landlines Mobile

4.3. Messaging

4.3.1. Text (SMS) PAY PER TEXT Skype Contacts Mobile Phones

4.3.2. Instant Skype Contacts FREE

4.4. Files

4.4.1. Shared In Contact Screen Call Between Skype Contacts

5. Icons

5.1. Online Status

5.1.1. Online

5.1.2. Away

5.1.3. Do Not Disturb

5.1.4. Landline

5.1.5. Offline/Invisible

5.2. In Call

5.2.1. Navigation Buttons Show Contacts Show Instant Messages Add/Remove Video Mute Microphone + Send File Add Participant End Call Quality Options Screen Options Full Screen Split Screen