My Networking

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My Networking by Mind Map: My Networking

1. My Parents- i could work with them at their work

2. My Best friend- she knows a lot of people who work at restaurants and clothing stores and she could reference me

3. My Boyfriend- He works at a pizza place and could help me get a job there

4. Grandma- she knows a lot of business owners and could reference me to one of them

5. My Co-workers- They can reference me a different position at work if i don't like the one i have

6. My Teacher- She could talk to people she knows and help me get a job with one of them

7. Career Counselor- if needed i could go find a job with the career counselor

8. My Boyfriends Grandma- she owns her own business and could hire me

9. My Friends- if their work is looking for another employee they could reference me

10. My Neighbors- they own their own business and could hire me

11. My Friends Parents-They know a lot of people who are looking for employees

12. My Orthodontist- The workers there always talk about job openings at the businesses around their building

13. Miranda- Lots of her family members own businesses and could get me a job

14. Austin- His mom works at Superstore and could help me get a job

15. My doctor- I could talk to her about how her job is because I'd like to be in that field of work