Design Manifesto

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Design Manifesto by Mind Map: Design Manifesto

1. MONEY is a measure of value

1.1. If we as landscape architects produce work that is valued by our clients, then money should flow to good design

1.1.1. I will be a tireless advocate for the value of my projects (residential, commercial, public) to secure funding for designs that are ultimately built.

1.2. Designs for public works form the basis to secure funding --- to get projects built for the common good.

1.2.1. I will leverage design for the common good of a community, distributing the wealth of that design across a community

1.3. Prestige and status attract money

1.3.1. I will make "Enviro-Chic" a thing. I will design environmentally smart and stylish landscapes that attract investment. I want my residential clients to attach status to well-designed landscapes, the way they would to a beautiful home or high-end fashion or a nice (electric) car. I want public entities to see an investment in landscape as the foundation of a world-class city.

2. VALUE is a measure of benefits delivered by a good or service

2.1. Good design creates value

2.1.1. I will design to create value

2.2. Bad design destroys value

2.2.1. I will not design to destroy value

2.3. Landscape architects must believe in the value of their profession.

2.3.1. I will be a proponent for the profession.

2.4. Landscape architects must sell the idea behind a good design

2.4.1. I will be a proponent and marketer of my design ideas.

3. BENEFITS are delivered to clients, end-users and the environment.

3.1. The environment

3.1.1. Resources Respect scarcity I will design to minimize waste and maximize utility of every resource in the design and build process (time, materials, etc).

3.1.2. Space Respect context Every space is part of larger space; Every space has a unique history. Every space has a unique set of users. Respect scarcity Space will only become more scarce, with more people competing for less space, and making greater demands of that space

3.1.3. Life Celebrate and preserve living inhabitants of a space (especially natives) I will design to preserve and improve life of flora and fauna who depend on my designed space.

3.2. Clients

3.2.1. Residential private clients Lower costs Higher property values Higher utilization of their outdoor living space I will deliver designs that represent an investment in the present and future value of a client's residential property, and their greater enjoyment of that property. Greater enjoyment of their outdoor living space

3.2.2. Private entities Improved productivity of employees with healthy outdoor spaces Heighten employees' satisfaction with their place of work Improved relationship of a company's outdoor space to its surrounding environment. I will design to create better work environments that lead to happier and healthier employees, while improving the company's relationship to the environment.

3.2.3. Public entities I will design public spaces that enrich the health and social well-being of a community.

3.3. End users of the design

3.3.1. Consider cross-section of end-users, (who may not be the client and may not be represented in the design process) I will design public spaces that are inclusive, that strive to engage the greatest number of users and satisfy the widest range of needs.

3.4. My professional career

3.4.1. Designing a landscape is an enormous responsibility and privilege - because we are SHAPING THE EARTH! I will create designs that ultimately get built - with a faithful execution to the design - rewarding me with career satisfaction.