2009 METS for Students Grades 9-12 Sam Wiens-Wice

EDT 510 METS Map

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2009 METS for Students Grades 9-12 Sam Wiens-Wice by Mind Map: 2009 METS for Students Grades 9-12 Sam Wiens-Wice

1. Creativity and Innovation

1.1. METS.9-12.CI.1 Activity: Apply advanced software featurees to redesign the appearance of word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations

1.2. Example: Have students use a thesaurus, templates, and different styles to update a resume.

2. Research and Information Literacy

2.1. METS.9-12.RI.8 Activity: Research examples of inappropriate use of technologies and participate in related classroom activities.

2.2. Example: Have the students perform online research, perform interviews, identify sources, and evaluate information for a mock trial.

3. Communication and Collaboration

3.1. METS.9-12.CC.1 Activity: Use available technologies to communicate with others on a class assignment or project.

3.2. Example: Have the students conference with eachother using SKYPE with both video chat and instant messaging.

4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

4.1. METS.9-12.CT.3 Activity: devise a research question or hypothesis using information and communication technology resources, analyze the findings to make a decision based on the findings, and report the results.

4.2. Example: Have the students participate in a research project and then present it to the class using technology.

5. Digital Citizenship

5.1. METS.9-12.DC.3 Activity: Discuss and demonstraate proper netiquette in online communication.

5.2. Example: Have the students read an online article, then respond to a class blog and use citations when quoting during their posts.

6. Technology Operations and Concepts

6.1. METS.9-12-TC.1 Activity: Complete at least one online credit, or non-credit, course or online learning experience.

6.2. Have the students take an online Blood Borne Pathogens tutorial and then complete the online quiz.