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Russia by Mind Map: Russia

1. What is Russia. Russia is the bigest countrey with over 144.5 million Human Slav

2. In old Russia there where no such things as gopnik slavs Russia none. it was a place full of lots of city then they made the country Russia.

3. In the early days of Russia, it was only a small place called Kievan Rus. In the first millennium, a big group of tribes spread to the dense woods of Eastern Europe. One day The vikings from the north invade the slavs. They gave up and the viking send a prince and his brothers to rule the place. They also moved the capital city to Kiev. at 1237 When there was 35,00 mounted archers lead by baru khan Invading Rus. At that time Rus was controlled by the khans and a part of them is under the law of Mongolia. After that happens a small trading post called Moscow grew bigger and they invade Rus and a part of Europe and asia and called it Ruscia now called Russia

4. In the old days in Russia, they mostly eat bread that is made by flour and grains. They also consume a food called blin (blini) which is A Russian style thin pancake that is popular with peoples nowadays. They also had a food called kasha which is a soup that can be made with a lot of filings in it such as buckwheat, barley, millet, oats, and other grains. The food was so popular that kasha is a symbol of prosperity and was seen sacred. It was so popular that nowadays Russia wedding cakes are called kasha too. In Russia, they also eat vegitable such as cabbage, turnip, Radish, peas, and cucumbers. These can be eaten raw pickled steamed boiled bake and it was used for fillings in drinks and foods. Russian also love eating sour cream in lots of things such as blin and they also put it in soups. Honey and berries are also popular in Russia, they are used in a drink that can be drank hot or cold that was called kompot. kompot is a drink that is made by boiling berries that are boiled with melted sugar and water until the flavor of the berries was infused into the water or until the water has taken the color of the berries. They also used berries for gingerbread wich is a russian baked goods. Many russian drinks have been around since the middle age, including mead, kvass, and cider. beer arived in russia in 1284, and in the middle of the 15th century, and there was a popular drink that was popular in the old days and now days for adults called vodka that was made from rye. And if you dont know what is kvass its a drink that was made from boiling bread with water and ading yeast wich will fermentate the drink. from the 16th century trough the 17th century, a dish from the ethnic group near russia (like siberia) become popular there such as palmeni wich was a russian ravioli wich is usaly filled with meat and potato's. That taste better when made by babushka.

5. You may say that Zidane why is there a little explanation of the history. ok i have a reason, in Russia they did not experience stone age and bronze age because Russia was made by a country called Kiev Rus which was the capital of Russia and they invade other territory at the metal age. oww yeah the capital also had been change to Moscow