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Mobility by Mind Map: Mobility

1. Sociology

1.1. By who and why the new technologies in mobility are well received?


2. Literature

2.1. Fictions

2.1.1. What was anticipated by relevant authors of the past centuries regarding the futur of mobility ? Jules Verne imagined in 1865 how could we go on the moon. The illustration shows a transportation which has several common points with the ones which permitted to reach the moon in 1961 --> ONE CENTURY after

2.2. Scientific journal

2.2.1. What is planned today for tomorrow?

3. Anthropology

3.1. How new technologies in mobility did impact Humans physically speaking?

3.1.1. Technological advances and its effects on human evolution

4. Philosophy

4.1. Why do we need to go faster and further in terms of mobility?


4.1.2. Further --> The conquest of Mars

4.1.3. Faster --> The development of Hyperloop Transportation Hyperloop Transportation Technologies | HyperloopTT

5. Psychology

5.1. People are they really ready to pay more for a green tech?

5.1.1. Green Generation: Millennials Say Sustainability Is a Shopping Priority

5.1.2. Why can't we quit fossil fuels? LOBBIES