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Expert Reports by Mind Map: Expert Reports
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Expert Reports

Overview: Expert reports -  assessent of quality and reliability, changes in the law for expert witnesses,  what is disability/mental disorder/ a psychiatrist/how do doctors diagnose, how does brain damage translate to mental dysfunction, how straight is the line from sexual abuse/assault to mental disorder). which expert to instruct: the difference between psychologists and psychaitrists and neuropsychologists, the difference between neurosurgeons and neurologists.  

Why do we need expert reports in TS-CIC

Diagnostic clarification



Degree of injury/harm


Degree, How bad is it, What's impaired, To what extent, How seriously impaired, Duration, Frequency

Nature, The features of it, Aggravating factors, Relieving factors, Duration, Frequency, Pattern

Sex abuse cases

New Idea

New Idea





The useless report or expert!

No clearer for expert report, what next?

Expert strays unreasonably outside of boundaries of instructions

Expert exceeds competence

Inferences being proffered as fact.

Speculation being offered as fact

All that glitters..

A report that looks nice, from a very senior clinician/expert, well laid out and well referenced may not be the real thing. It is difficult to tell fools gold from real gold until you pour some acid on the thing.

Who is an expert?

The Expert

Factors that suggest reliability

Credibility, General, Length of experience, Depth of experience, Positions held, Practising or not, Specific, Qualifications, History of similar assessments, Special knowledge in the field, Direct research in the topic area

Who is an expert for TS-CIC?


Types of expert

Professional witness

Expert Witness

Which Expert


How is the report obtained?

Appellant, GP Notes, Private report, Previous court matter

CICA requests

CICA and TS-CIC request

Oral evidence of expert

Ask short open questions as far as possible.

Use short open probes

Create the open

Manage the expert, Interrupt politely where they go on a frolick of their own.




HMCTS, Sentencing

Poor reports

What can be done?

What is done?

Good reports

How do we know they're good?

What do we do with them?


Common law

Ikarian reefer 1993

Anglo Group plc v Winther Brown & Co. Ltd.2000

Jones v Kaney 2010


Civ/Fam/Crim Proc Rules






Overview of Reports


Ease of reading, Sentences not complicated, Correct punctuation and spelling, Good grammar

Ease of understanding, Minimal use of jargon, If jargon it is explained with a footnote


Facts, Obtained by author, Observed, At examination, Where?, How long?, All positive findings, Signficant negative findings, At interview, Form, Content, What's measured, Researched, Calculated, Referenced literature, Test results, Assumed facts, Facts in documents, Facts from other persons, Sources of information itemised and declared, Fact clearly separated from opinion

Organised, Well formatted, Paragraph/Line numbered, Enough white space to make for easy reading, Table of contents


Main issues are covered

All instructions covered

Internally cross referenced

What's done with the evidence

Corroborated?, Compared and contrasted

Evaluated?, How?, What methods?

Reasoned upon, The quality of logic used, Weighing up alternative diagnoses or possibilities


Instructions covered in order received

Diagnostic criteria declared

Evidence used is cross referenced

Evidence of reasoning on the diagnostic criteria

Clear evidence-based evaluation of disability

Evaluating reports


From the facts


From criteria

Weighing any discrepancies

Weighing strengths and weaknesses

Dealing squarely with complexity


Duration of examination/interview


Quality of examination and findings, Evidence that it was actually done., Method of interview, Live, Telephone, Chat room, Documentation of findings

Amount of time spent with appellant

Does the report smell like the standards have been applied?

Using the report

Does it address the instructions?

Is it reliable?

How confident do I feel about it?

What if it isn't useable


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