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Mumble Hosting Company by Mind Map: Mumble Hosting Company

1. Home Page

1.1. Order

1.1.1. Packages

1.2. Contact

1.2.1. Contact Form

1.3. Forums

1.4. About

1.5. Login

2. Customer Panel

2.1. Update Payment Information

2.1.1. Add/Remove Payment Methods/Subscriptions

2.2. View Invoices

2.3. View Server Activity

2.3.1. Graph showing different time lengths and amount of users online

2.4. Manage Servers

2.4.1. Start | Stop | Reset to default | Change Welcome Message | Manage ACL'S & Channels | Read Log File

2.4.2. User Management

2.4.3. Channel Viewer

2.5. Ticketed Requests

2.5.1. Upgrade Request

2.5.2. Billing Cycle Modification

2.5.3. Downgrade Request

2.5.4. Cancellation Request

2.5.5. Support Tickets Submit/View/Respond

2.5.6. Billing Tickets Submit/View/Respond

3. Partial Ideas

3.1. Reseller

3.2. Server Monitoring

3.2.1. Load / CPU / Connections Ticker

3.3. Make panel portable and license for use

3.4. Ability to incorporate additional voice server types

3.4.1. Such as Ventrilo

3.5. Referral Benefits

3.5.1. Free Month

3.5.2. % Base amount off of month subscription based on how many referrals

4. Database Structure

4.1. packages

4.1.1. id auto-increment(int(10))

4.1.2. package_name varchar(20) Name of the package

4.1.3. slots int(1) Amount of User Slots

4.1.4. active int(1) 0 - Inactive 1 - Active

4.1.5. position int(1) Ordered By this number

4.1.6. base_amount varchar(10) Base Slot Price

4.1.7. extended_discount int(2) % Discount for Multiple Months

4.2. Ticket System

4.3. Customer Panel

4.3.1. signup id int(10) email varchar(50) name varchar(50) username varchar(10) ip varchar(15) date TIMESTAMP referring_url varchar(200)

4.3.2. customer_billing id auto-increment(int(10)) customer_id (Maintain from signup) name Defaulted from Signup (Changeable in Panel) address varchar(75) city varchar(75) zip int(10) country varchar(50)

4.3.3. customer_packages id auto-increment(int(10)) active int(1) customer_id (Maintained from Login) package_id (Maintaned from Packages)

4.3.4. customer_login id int(10) email varchar(50) username varchar(10) password md5(varchar(16)) date_created DATE last_login TIMESTAMP

4.3.5. customer_transaction id autoincrement(int(15)) customer_id (Maintained from Signup) transaction_id varchar(75) amount varchar(5) type int(1)

5. Back End

5.1. Billing

5.1.1. Manage Packages Add New Package Type Add Promotional Pricing Modify Current Package Types Enable Discounts

5.1.2. Account Status Modification Pending After successful charge - Account is created but must still be reviewed. Active Fully Activated Invoices Generated 5 Days before due date - Email Sent 5 Day Grace Period after Invoice Due Date before suspension Suspended Non-Pay Abuse Cancelled Requested Cancellation Fraudulent Account

5.1.3. Modify Customer's Packages Add Server Instance Cancel Server Instance Modify Server Instance Add Credit Add Discount Create Invoice Delete Invoice

5.1.4. View Financial Reports $ Per Server Per User Per Instance Orders Made Per Day Per Month Per Year Promotional Codes Used Unpaid Invoices Active Accounts Total Number of Active User Slots Suspended for Non Payment

5.2. Ticket System

5.2.1. Departments Support User Contact (From Customer Panel) Non-User Contact Form Feed Back Support @ Billing Upgrade Downgrade Change Billing Cycle Invoice Replies Invoice Extensions Fraud General Inquiry Cancellations Request to Cancel Spam All the junk

5.3. Access Control List

5.3.1. Multiple Levels of Access for Accessing the Backend

5.4. Server Management

5.4.1. View Servers Manage Instances Add Instances Remove Instances Copy Instances Start Instances Stop Instances Reset Instances Add Servers Automated Installation Remove Servers Bandwidth Per User Per Server Per Day Per Week Per Month