Reinvent driving experience for musicians with data

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Reinvent driving experience for musicians with data by Mind Map: Reinvent driving experience for musicians with data

1. Driving

1.1. Mobility

1.1.1. Geographic Mobility Instruments Rent the instruments Digital insruments Service that transport your instruments Professionals musicians Performing Promoting their music Crowd/clients Concerts

1.1.2. Experience mobility Listening some music when you want, where you want Different ways to listen to music

2. Data

2.1. What kind of Data can be used here?

2.1.1. CDs / Vinyles The end of CDs / Vinyle ?

2.1.2. Music reach on platforms

2.1.3. Insights dashboards

2.1.4. Sales numbers

2.1.5. Link tracking data

2.1.6. Social Media data Facebook Instagram Twitter

2.1.7. Facebook pixels and google analytics data

2.1.8. Email list

2.1.9. e-commerce sales

2.1.10. Information collected from surveys

2.2. Data base:

2.2.1. Personal data from your own app

2.2.2. Using database from another app/website

3. Musicians

3.1. Type of musicians

3.1.1. Professional musicians Famous singers/musicians (5%) Profesional musicians trying to make some money out of their music (95%)

3.1.2. Everyday life musicians Music as a hobby Learning music Self-educated Music class Music lovers

3.2. Type of music

3.2.1. Music experience with different type of music Find new music based on music you love Creating personalized playlist based on the music that the client listen/love Listening to musics that you like Where? How? Who? Interface? When ? Why? Find new artists you may like App / Websites Magazines Discovering new type of music Knowing what music you listen to Service that recognizes the music played Service that summarizes the musical activity, our taste

3.2.2. Music Genre List Alternative Blues Classical Country Dance - EDM Electronic Hip-Hop/Rap Jazz Latin Oera Pop R&B / Soul Rock

4. Experience

4.1. Recording sessions

4.2. Karaoke - singing

4.2.1. Apps PowerAmp

4.2.2. Karaoke in the bar

4.2.3. Video games Let's sing Lips Def Jam Rapstar

4.3. Compose/ produce/write

4.3.1. What Songs Melodies

4.3.2. How? Apps/websites DM1 Writing on paper In the studio

4.4. Music teacher

4.5. Session musician

4.6. Perform

4.6.1. concert

4.6.2. festivals

4.6.3. theaters

4.7. set up/ tune instrument and equipment