TEDxRotterdam2011 Mikko Hypponen

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TEDxRotterdam2011 Mikko Hypponen by Mind Map: TEDxRotterdam2011 Mikko Hypponen

1. Lead­ing cyber crime fighter

1.1. Profile on TEDxRotterdam site

1.2. @MikkoHypponen

1.3. mikko.hypponen.com

2. intro

2.1. one of the top 50 most important people on the web

2.2. works for a finnish cyber security company

2.3. biggest invention

2.3.1. the internet

2.3.2. true global thing

2.3.3. shapes our future

2.3.4. reflection of real world crime troubke

2.4. threats for web

2.4.1. privacy

2.4.2. sensorship

2.4.3. cybercrime

3. change

3.1. big problem

3.2. future of wbe is at stake

3.3. how to figth these

3.3.1. New node

3.4. 3 enemies

3.4.1. cyber crime gangs

3.4.2. hacktivist

3.4.3. nation states

4. cyber crime gangs

4.1. doing attacks to make money

4.2. good motive

4.3. make viruses

4.4. how?

4.4.1. criminals can be everywhere on the web

4.4.2. iframe.biz buy access to infected computers sell infected home/business computers for the scam

4.4.3. write virusses and earn money

4.5. most active countries in cybercrime

4.5.1. russia

4.5.2. ukrain

4.5.3. kazachstan

4.6. what

4.6.1. keyloggers is in infected computers logs all info interesting: online shopping name address logging creditcard info

5. hacktivism

5.1. social activism

5.2. attacks

5.2.1. took down visa sony wikileaks

5.3. who are they?

5.3.1. members of non organization

5.4. intelligence gathering of social networks

5.5. example how Anonymous relatiates

5.5.1. a CEO started to infiltrate the non organization (HP US Federal) took research public (Forbes) just before he took ity public all his sites, servers, socialmedia weer hcked

5.6. Anonymous

5.6.1. everyone is a member of ananonymous it's a non-organization

5.6.2. we are a legion

5.6.3. invited a 30 year old activist

5.6.4. why are you attacking Sony?

5.6.5. he did it for fun laughs

5.6.6. they are bored

5.6.7. how to turn that

6. nation states

6.1. espionnage

6.1.1. spying online info is data

6.2. goverments spying on own citizens

6.3. example Iran

6.3.1. dissidents in iran use SSl services as gmail so goverment cant read

6.3.2. iran hacked diginotar digital certificates so they cab fake SSL and read email from dissidents

6.4. example

6.4.1. everything is run by compters

6.4.2. Siemens S700 PLC

6.4.3. stocknet

6.5. virus from pc to systemservers

6.6. cyber attacks can go in loss of life

7. wrap

7.1. computers dont work always

7.2. cybercrime

7.2.1. international cybercrime police force

7.3. defend the internet

7.3.1. because the internet has no borders

8. questions

8.1. what do advocate?

8.1.1. a world wide internet police

8.1.2. focus on real problem

8.1.3. organized global criminal gangs

8.2. apple devces are the save?

8.2.1. yes they are

8.2.2. due to market share

8.2.3. windows xp biggest system least secure

8.2.4. will involve into android most commonly used OS

8.3. anonymous will blow up facebook?

8.3.1. will probabky not succees

9. cyberwar

9.1. less bloody than real war