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TEDxRotterdam2011 Rob Wijnberg by Mind Map: TEDxRotterdam2011
Rob Wijnberg
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TEDxRotterdam2011 Rob Wijnberg

3 view religion

1 trancendetal authority (a god)

not on earth

not empirically see it

not to prove

doenst exists

disntiguished feature?, it isn't

scientific world view, Emanual Kant, its true without evidence, there assumptions, time, space, cuasailty, primate, experience

2 authority by revelation

religion is based up a book

it was revealed

every world view came to use

Mark Rutte, why liberal?, ideas came from revelantion

no feature that makes it diffent freom non religion

3 its a way of life

things you believe

things you believe

its how you view the world, its how you act

example, burka, it always ends up with religion, what about nudism, cultural or politcal act, its about how you dress / or not dressed, why is covering your body different than being nudism

freedom of speech

advice: Never accept the worldviews unless you know why, steve jobs: think different

Lead­ing philosopher

Profile on TEDxRotterdam site




youngesy editor at 29, NRC Next


will you become future leaders?

express honor

high standard, give a new idea, ideas worth spreading

new idea

dutch philisopher spinoza

not the end of religion, nialism

not being religion at all

concept religion, without meanind

about Rob Wijnberg


chief editor

is a

thinking journalist

on TV Wakker Nederland

he can think but can he make a newspaper

why but?

making news, requires thinking, he thinks alot

explain philosophy

something we all are

we all think

study world views

world view

anti fundamentalist

is one world view better than the other?

every worldview is true

Nietzsche, no way tou can dig..., "Everything is interpretation"

everything is an interpretation

religion as science

there is no way you can compare obejctively world religions/ world views

everyone is a


ant fundamentalist


that what helps you to come to your goal


to your girlfriend say you love her

better to use Plato then Newton

playdo, romantics

go to the moon

better use Newton

My worldview

"there is no such thing as religion"

because there is no hierarchy in religion

Stanley Fish

"there is not such thing as free speech"


does the pragmatic approach influence leadshipstyle at the newspaper?

I value discussion

I leave room for everybody to express what they say