Elisha's Mind Map

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Elisha's Mind Map by Mind Map: Elisha's Mind Map

1. Reading

1.1. Muscle Reading

1.1.1. Phase 1 : Before you read Preview Outline Question

1.1.2. Phase two: While you read Read Underline Answer

1.1.3. Phase three: After you read Recite Review Review again

1.2. Read fast

1.3. Read with a dictionary

2. First Steps

2.1. Discover how you learn

2.2. Learn by seeing, hearing and moving

2.3. Motivation

3. Notes

3.1. General techniques

3.1.1. Use key words Use pictures and diagrams Write notes in paragraphs

3.2. Cornell method

3.2.1. Format your paper Takes notes, leaving the cue column blank Condense your notes in the cue column Write a summary Use the cue column to recite

3.3. Mind mapping

3.3.1. Give yourself plenty of room Determine the main concept of the lecture, article or chapter Use key words only Create Links

3.4. Outlining

3.5. Review within 24 hours

3.6. Review each week in short sessions

4. Time

4.1. Goals

4.2. ABC Daily to-do list

4.2.1. Brainstorm tasks Estimate time Rate each task by priority Cross off tasks Evaluate

4.3. Plan for changes

4.4. Stop procrastinating

4.5. 25 ways to get the most out of now

4.5.1. When to study: Study difficult subjects first Be aware of your best time of day Use waiting time Study 2 hours for every hour in class

4.5.2. Where to study: Use a regular study area Use a library

4.5.3. Ways to handle the rest of the world: Pay attention to your attention Agree with living mates about study times Get off the phone learn to say no Hang a "do not disturb" sign on your door get ready the night before Call ahead Avoid noise distractions Manage interruptions

4.5.4. Things to ask yourself if you get stuck: "What is one task I can accomplish toward achieving my goal?" "Am I being too hard on myself?" "Is this a piano?" "Would I pay myself for what I'm doing right now?" Can I do just one more thing?" "Am I making tie for things that are important but not urgent?" "Can I delegate this?" "How did I just waste time?" "Could I find the time if I really wanted to?" "Am I willing to promise it?"

5. Memory

5.1. Organize It Use your body Use your brain Recall it

5.2. Use your times of peak energy

5.3. Set a trap for your memory

5.4. Make up new words Use creative sentences Create rhymes and songs Use the loci system Try the peg system