Napoleon Hill's Golden Rules - The Lost Writings

Napoleon Hill’s golden rules summarize his writings on motivation, performance and success. This summary shows his findings on improve self-confidence, how to improve work performance, how to develop helpful habits.

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Napoleon Hill's Golden Rules - The Lost Writings by Mind Map: Napoleon Hill's Golden Rules - The Lost Writings

1. How to use the law of retaliation for your benefit

1.1. People act towards you as you act towards them.

1.2. With this simple principle, you can get pretty much anybody to do pretty much anything for you - as long as you do something for him first

2. How to improve self-confidence

2.1. Self-confidence is an important part of success and can be improved through affirmation.

2.2. Before you can gain the things you want in life, you first need to believe that you deserve them.

2.2.1. And THAT takes self-confidence

2.3. It takes self-confidence to jump at opportunities and take chances.

2.3.1. Without those things, you will never be really successful.

2.4. To develop self-confidence, you first need to realize that happiness and success are in your own hands.

2.4.1. Nobody else is responsible for your success.

2.4.2. You are the key to your own success

2.5. You can use affirmations to bring about this change of understanding

2.5.1. An affirmation is a simple, positive thought that you can repeat and focus on until it becomes reality.

2.5.2. Example I know that I can accomplish anything I set out to do.

3. How to develop helpful habits

3.1. Developing new and helpful habits can help you reach your goals without having to rely on willpower alone.

3.2. Autosuggestion can help you form new habits

3.2.1. Several times a day, take a few minutes to imagine your new habit and its positive effects in as much detail as possible

4. How to shape your environment for success

4.1. What we're exposed to every day has a huge impact on our thoughts

4.2. Therefore, it's important to choose an environment that will help us achieve our goals.

4.2.1. Fill your environment with positive influences

4.2.2. Remove the negative influences

4.2.3. Surround yourself with people who share your goals in life and career

4.2.4. Avoid being around people with negative attitudes

5. How to strengthen your memory

5.1. Stop daydreaming and start paying attention

5.2. Make mental associations

5.2.1. e.g. when a new business contact tells you their name, think of something you can associate that name with Something that's relevant to your life

5.3. Use the power of repetition

6. About The Book

6.1. Title

6.1.1. Napoleon Hill's Golden Rules

6.2. Subtitle

6.2.1. The Lost Writings

6.3. Content

6.3.1. The book consists of a series of magazine articles Napoleon Hill wrote between 1919 and 1923 for Success Magazine, of which he eventually became an editor.

6.4. Author

6.4.1. Napoleon Hill 1883-1970 Teacher, writer and speaker Wrote about motivation, success and individual achievement Also by Napoleon Hill: "Think and Grow Rich" Think And Grow Rich Summary - Napoleon Hill Old ORIGINAL Movie 1938

6.5. Get it on Amazon

7. We create our lives through our thoughts.

7.1. Using autosuggestion, you can

7.1.1. Feed your mind inspiring thoughts and images

7.1.2. Shape how you develop as an individual

7.1.3. Overcome your fears

7.1.4. Transform your life and find success

7.2. What is autosuggestion?

7.2.1. The hypnotic or subconscious adoption of an idea which one has originated oneself.

8. How to gain anyone's confidence

8.1. Changing someone's mind starts by taking their side.

8.2. If you're trying to get somebody's confidence and convince him of your idea or your point of view, you first need do take THEIR side.

8.2.1. Don't start by contradicting your opponent - start by agreeing with them

8.2.2. Once you have their attention and confidence, bring up your own ideas

9. How to improve performance at work

9.1. If you want someone to do something, the best way is through positive reinforcement

9.1.1. Positive suggestions work much better than negative ones

9.2. Instead of criticizing employees, tell them what a great job they're doing.

9.2.1. At the same time, use the opportunity to subtly suggest that they could do even better if they tried