Cuban Revolution

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Cuban Revolution by Mind Map: Cuban Revolution

1. Leaders

1.1. Bastita

1.1.1. Makes a famine runs gambling and drugs

1.1.2. High taxes on the poor, benefits the rich.

1.2. Fidel Castro

1.2.1. Prime Minister from 1959-1976

1.2.2. Then was president 1976-2004 Established the first communist state

1.3. Che Guevara

1.3.1. His stylized visage has become a ubiquitous countercultural symbol

1.3.2. Physician Author

1.3.3. Guerrilla Leader Diplomat and Military

1.3.4. Theorist Major figure of the Cuban Revolution

1.4. Raúl Castro

1.4.1. Cuban politician Currently serving as the first secretary of the communist party of Cuba

1.4.2. He was the most Senior position in the socialist state Succeeding with his brother Fidel Castro in April 2011

1.5. René Ramos Latour

1.5.1. René Latour was a commander under Fidel Castro He was killed in combat against Fulgencio Batista at the battle of Las Mercedes

1.6. Eulogio Cantillo

1.6.1. He was a general in the pre-revolutionary Cuban army Served as Chief of the Joint Staff during the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista.

1.6.2. He didn't participate in the military coup that brought Batista to power.

2. Effects/Consequences

2.1. America and Cuban being enemies for a long time

2.1.1. On April 17th, 1961, 1400 Cuban exiles launched what became a botched invasion at the Bay Of Pigs, on south coast of Cuba

2.2. Cuba partnered with the Soviet Union

2.2.1. Soviet Union was later turned into Russia

2.3. America was against Communism

2.3.1. Castro changed Cuba into a communist country in 1961

2.3.2. Soviets sent nuclear missiles over to Cuba

2.4. It advocated a centralized political party and public ownership of productive property

3. Causes

3.1. Batista only supported the top 1% of Cuban citizens

3.1.1. Bastia's government was overthrown by Fidel Castro by him accusing him for corruption and tyranny Cuba became a communist country Establishment of a communist government that was led by Fidel Castro United States embargo against Cuba