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Geometry by Mind Map: Geometry

1. Complementary angles

1.1. Two angles equaling 90 degrees

2. Adjacent angles

2.1. two angles sharing a line or ray connecting to the vertex.

3. Perpendicular line

3.1. A line that is set on the line vertically, so that the two adjacent angles become 90 degrees

4. Angle

4.1. Two lines, line segments, and/or rays, that share a vertex

5. Vertex

5.1. A point that at least two lines share

6. Supplementary angles

6.1. Two angles equaling 180 degrees

7. Parallel lines

7.1. Two lines, rays, or line segments that are equal distance apart at any similar point.

8. Line

8.1. A continuos straight line running on forever

9. Line segment

9.1. A straight line running in between two points on a plain

10. Ray

10.1. A straight line running in between two points and continuing in one direction.