Experience Bootcamp

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Experience Bootcamp by Mind Map: Experience Bootcamp

1. How to build and grow your list

1.1. How to have an opt in

1.2. How to get subscribers

1.3. How to set up autoresponders

1.4. How to develop content

2. Product Creation

2.1. Structuring your ideas

2.2. Audio products

2.3. Video products

2.4. Ebooks

2.5. How to get the online selling in place

2.6. Subcription areas of a site

3. 'Stations'

3.1. Photoshop station

3.2. Webdesign station

3.3. Adwords station

3.4. Salesletter station

3.5. Product creation station

3.6. Affiliate Marketing station

3.7. Autoresponder station

4. Marketing