Communication Applications

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Communication Applications by Mind Map: Communication Applications

1. Uses

1.1. To advertise products

1.2. To promote an event

1.3. To inform colleagues of urgent matters

1.4. To alert subscribers of new products released

2. Examples

2.1. Newspapers

2.2. Flyers & Brochures

2.3. Posters

2.4. Websites

2.5. Music Scores

2.6. Animations

3. Effects

3.1. Enable workers to complete tasks more efficiently

3.2. Allows for quicker dispersion of urgent information

3.3. Reduces total costs of training employees as employees apply for positions they are most familiar with

3.4. Reduce loss as an online approach to communication results in less costs spent on paper

3.5. Earns company more subscribers as they can satisfy all customers by tailoring production to appeal to a target audience

3.6. Online approach increases productivity of workers as they feel more of a drive to perform since they are not working on paper

3.7. Allows employees to spend more time with their families since work hours are flexible (especially if they are a freelancer)

3.8. Both online and paper based methods can cause and amplify the effects of RSI due to long hours spent operating the device used

4. IT Systems

4.1. Internet Telephony (VoIP)

4.1.1. PC-to-PC

4.1.2. PC-to-Phone

4.1.3. PC-to-Phone