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Niko Alm by Mind Map: Niko Alm
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Niko Alm

He carries the heart of Austrian tourism in his name, but this is not the reason why Niko Alm is oblivious to sin. Niko is the spokesperson for the Laicism-Initiative, wants to finally disaggregate state and religion and leads an intellectually inspiring duel with Andreas Kohl in the online version of “Der Standard”. What others would regard as main task, the entrepreneurial Jack of all trades, Alm, sees as leisure activity. People like Niko Alm normally leave Austria, to self-actualize in entrepreneurial-friendly realms – in his case, we can only hope that his operations will further enrich and mark Austria, both on an economic and social level.


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Live Mind Mapping provided by Dan Taylor


no hats or headgear in licenses

applied for a license with a pasta strainer on his head

October 12th

Freedom of religion is abused to create political loopholes

Organizations are asking for special rights

Ritual Slaughter


Separation of church and state

a syncretistic state

evolved from state religion

eventually other religions were allowed


Pastafarianism is the state religion


Freedom of religion

positive affiliation with race?

Modern societies categorize by religion

Austria does

Has come to an end

Organized religion

needs help

needs someone to endorse it

= organized abuse

Secular state