Niko Alm

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Niko Alm by Mind Map: Niko Alm

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2. Pastafarianism

2.1. no hats or headgear in licenses

2.1.1. save for religious exceptions

2.2. applied for a license with a pasta strainer on his head

2.3. October 12th

2.3.1. International headgear day

3. Freedom of religion is abused to create political loopholes

3.1. Organizations are asking for special rights

3.1.1. based on holiness

3.2. Ritual Slaughter

3.2.1. vs. Animal Rights

3.3. Kirpan

3.3.1. vs. no tolerance weapons policy

4. Separation of church and state

4.1. a syncretistic state

4.2. evolved from state religion

4.3. eventually other religions were allowed

5. Walkoria

5.1. Pastafarianism is the state religion

6. Laïcite

7. Freedom of religion

7.1. positive affiliation with race?

7.1.1. makes no sense

7.2. Modern societies categorize by religion

7.2.1. some

7.3. Austria does

7.4. Has come to an end

7.4.1. separate Church and State

8. Organized religion

8.1. needs help

8.2. needs someone to endorse it

8.2.1. most often the state

8.3. = organized abuse

8.4. Secular state

8.4.1. vs Crosses in public schools