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Project 6: eternal love? by Mind Map: Project 6: eternal love?
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Project 6: eternal love?

Movie title breakup

any titles they don't know?


What are the possibilities of finding a soulmate?Are you picky?Numbers activity: dictation 800,000 400,000 130,000 65,000 3,250 16 0.53


grammar: passive

Xtra passive practice


The battle of sexes

TEXT: A description

A DESCRIPTION OF A PERSON you can describe: -one of the characters from the book -Your soulmate -a person you know well Structure: - Introduction, how you met - Physical description - Psychological, personality, hobbies - Your feelings for the person Extra points for the podcast of the description.

phrasal Verbs & Idioms

do this great quiz on ending relationships :((((´;quiz=114_breaking_up

A Cheesy love story

Stop the video at minute 00.42and ask what is about to happen.


What is speed dating?When did it start? The first speed-dating event took place at Peet’s Café in Beverly Hills in late 1998.Would you go speed dating?------What 5-10 questions would you ask?Compare answers with your partners and add the ones that you think are really good.Watch the video and answer these questions What does Ava decide to wear?  How does she feel when she arrives at the bar?  What are the three rules of speed-dating?  What is wrong with each of Ava’s dates? Give as much detail as possible.  Is the ending happy? -----Here are the most popular 24 questions in speed dating. Are they similar to yours?WHICH ARE THE TOP 10 EVENTUALLY FOR YOU?