Narrative Structure

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Narrative Structure by Mind Map: Narrative Structure

1. Structural Framework

1.1. Order and manner in which a narrative is presented

1.1.1. Non Linear Citizen Kane Kill Bill Acts are not in order Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Momento Disjointed Disrupted Non chronological No specific order to events

1.1.2. Linear Narrative runs smoothly Beginning, Middle and End. Three-act-structure Chronological Events happen in order of what time it happened Most common form of narrative Shawshank Redemption Traditional three act structure

1.1.3. Multiple One story told several different ways Run Lola Run Vantage Point Multiple storys centering on different characters Pulp Fiction

2. Three-act-structure

2.1. Set up/Act I

2.1.1. Main Characters Strengths/Weaknesses? Lifestyle

2.1.2. Situation Inciting incident

2.1.3. 1st Stage of characterisation

2.1.4. Problem Drives the plot forward

2.1.5. Location Setting Conditions

2.1.6. Genre Should be made clear in the first act what genre your film is

2.1.7. Premise Basic Story (What the film will be about)

2.1.8. Plot point I Event occurs near the end of act 1 that changes the situation

2.2. Conflict/Act II

2.2.1. Longest Act Bulk of the story

2.2.2. Link between beginning and end

2.2.3. Turning point Sharpens focus of the main character

2.2.4. Character development

2.2.5. Plot Point II Crisis Point Take action to resolve crisrs Countdown/time running out Character focuses on goal

2.3. Resolution/Act III

2.3.1. Greater Obstacles Determined to overcome these obstacles to achieve goal

2.3.2. Confrontation Problem is at a boiling point

2.3.3. Loose threads are tied up

2.3.4. Climax Biggest scene Main character saves the day Dramatic

3. Style

3.1. First Person

3.1.1. "Me" or "I"

3.2. Second Person

3.2.1. "You"

3.3. Third Person

3.3.1. "He""She""They"

4. Idea

4.1. Dialogue carefully selected

4.1.1. Everything is woven into the story

5. Telling the story

5.1. Directors interpretation

5.1.1. Organisation Score Performaces Production design

5.1.2. Oversees the different layers Locations Casting Use of colour

5.2. Collaborative effort

5.2.1. Different departments and people

5.3. Mise-en-scene

5.3.1. Everything you see in a film Nothing is there by accident Enchances the power of the narrative

5.3.2. Manipulates the viewers emtions

5.3.3. Construction of shots

5.3.4. Set design Amplify moods and emotion in the film

5.3.5. Lighting Effects how we see images Shade Intensity Can empahise different aspects of objects

5.3.6. Space Camera angles can alter how we percieve things

5.3.7. Costumes Clear distinctions between characters

5.3.8. Acting Slapstick Tom and Jerry Three Stooges Deadpan Comedy Naturalistic Dominant form of acting Non-Professional District 9 - Lead character is a non professional actor

5.4. Characters

5.4.1. Props as characters Cast away A real character or an indication of a mans psychology? Deul

5.4.2. Characterization Personality Appearance Motivations Beahviour

5.4.3. Protagonist

5.4.4. Tragic Hero

5.4.5. Antihero

5.4.6. Villain

5.4.7. False Protagonist Character shield - main characters are protected by plot devices