Financial Globalization

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Financial Globalization by Mind Map: Financial Globalization

1. Varona

1.1. Costs

1.1.1. Financial crisis

1.1.2. Currency crisis

1.2. Benefits

1.2.1. Economic Growth

1.2.2. Reduction in info assymetry and repressive incumbents

1.2.3. Increased competition /diversification

1.2.4. Employment/poverty

1.2.5. Regulations

1.3. Factors influencing ability to harness

1.3.1. Lack of Collateral

1.3.2. Regulations

1.3.3. Extensiveness of financial globalisation

1.3.4. Government/R.incumbents

1.4. Recommendations

1.4.1. Government Enforce restrictive covenant Prudential regulations Removal of guarantees

1.4.2. Local Firms Expertise Risk Management

1.4.3. ForeignFirms/Organisation Policies Solutions Technical assistance

2. Paul

2.1. Background On Impact of Financial Globalisation

2.1.1. Collateral Impact

2.1.2. Threshold Conditions

2.2. Benefits

2.2.1. Financial markets development

2.2.2. Institutional development

2.2.3. Better government and corporate governance

2.2.4. Macroeconomic discipline Monetary and fiscial policy Choice of exchange rate regime

2.3. Costs

2.3.1. Volatility

2.4. Factors that influence the ability of developing countries to harness the benefits

2.4.1. Threshold conditions

2.5. Recommendations

3. Prashant

3.1. Oversimplified Essay

3.1.1. P2

3.2. Cost of Globalization

3.3. P1

3.3.1. Fishkin Speech Why Higher Returns in Developing Countries The problem of export restrictions Trade liberilization Promotes Comparative Advantage

3.3.2. World Development and Rural Poverty As self employed Ex how bad infrastructure and globalization problem Bangaladeshi Farmers Benefitted Price Variances Comparative Advantage (Exporting Sector) down

3.3.3. Pain and Gain of Globalization P6. 4 Agents of Financial Globalization Governments Borrowers Investors Financial Insitutions Improvement in Financial Sectors Six Snakes Foreign Entires(Bank) Evidences Risk and Net effects of Globalization

3.3.4. Effects

3.4. 3 costs

3.4.1. excessive inflows and outflows of capital

3.4.2. Income inequality Papers On the Social Costs of Financial Globalization without Financial Development Mexico Example

3.4.3. International Tax competition

3.4.4. Exchange Rates Argentina Example

3.5. Paper 2

3.5.1. p5 Thresholds Effects

3.5.2. p6 Consumption Better measure than output Low integration =

3.5.3. p7 surge in flows from industrial to developing push business cycle ,macro policy pull liberalization of capital aaccounts domestic stock markets large scale privitization

3.5.4. p10

4. Individual Contribution Seciont

4.1. Paul

4.2. Prashant

4.3. Varona

4.3.1. 9 Pages madness

4.3.2. PPT

5. Professore Recommendation Paper