My experience in Pret A Manger. Bullied during Bereavement. or

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My PRET A MANGER Ordeal by Mind Map: My PRET A MANGER Ordeal

1. Pret Staff Complaints

1.1. Customers witness bullying at Pret

1.2. Pret delete former staff comments on social media

1.3. WAGE THEFT by Pret & 2 Settled Lawsuits

1.4. NOT PAYING shop staff during Queen's Jubilee 2022

1.5. CEO payrise & millions in bonus AFTER cutting staff wages & benefits

2. Miscellaneous

2.1. Pret & itsu founder Julian METCALFE: Royal Family, Jeffrey Epstein

2.2. "Loose Women" presenter Nadia Sawalha's stern words to Pret

2.3. Customers boycott Pret in support of staff

2.4. Customers boycott Pret due to Coffee Subscription issues

3. Toxic HR Experience

3.1. Most Comprehensive Site on Pret A Manger - >

3.2. Questions to Lila Warren (HQ)

3.3. Pret's "CHARITY" porjects & £1000 Clive Schlee promised after finding


4.1. MEDIA PAGE - Press reports prompted from

4.2. YouTube Playlist

4.3. NEW - Podcast