My experience in Pret A Manger. .Bullied during Bereavement.

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My PRET A MANGER Ordeal by Mind Map: My PRET A MANGER Ordeal

1. How it Became

1.1. How I Became Late Night Girl

1.2. How I Spiraled into Emailing

2. Pret Staff Complaints

2.1. Pret Staff Complaints

2.2. Undercover Reporter in Pret

2.3. Pret's PR with Former Homeless

3. My Brother

4. Miscellaneous

4.1. Back-up Site

4.2. Twitter lying about "Shadow Banning"

4.3. About Me

5. Customer Deaths & Ongoing Concerns

5.1. Pret Sued for Deceptive Packaging

5.2. Customer Warnings Ignored

5.3. Ongoing Issues: Hospitalization, Mislabelling

5.4. CEO Clive Schlee's Delay until Public Outcry

6. My Toxic HR Experience

6.1. Pret Use Bereaved Against Bereaved

6.2. The Perversion of a Toxic HR Department