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Hannah Baker by Mind Map: Hannah Baker

1. Justin Foley

1.1. Spread rumors and sent around a picture of her.

2. Alex Standel

2.1. The "Hot" list

3. Jessica Davis

3.1. Hits Hannah because of the hotlist made by Alex and therefore leaving a scar on her forehead.

4. Tyler Down

4.1. "Peeping Tom", stalked Hannah and took pictures of her. Courtney is involved in this in trying to catch the stalker, which is before knowing who it was.

5. Courtney Crimsen

5.1. Spread rumors about Hannah having sex toys in her room.

6. Marcus Cooley

6.1. Shows up late for their "Date" at Rosie's Diner and Hannah has to push him off since he tries to make a move on her.

7. Zach Dempsey

7.1. Stole Hannah's "Motivation" notes

8. Ryan Shaver

8.1. Stole Hannah's very personal poem and published it in poetry class.

9. Clay Jensen

9.1. Shouldn't be on the tapes because he was actually good to her and didn't have anything to do with her suicide.

10. Jenny Kurtz

10.1. Knocked down a stop sign with her car with Hannah in the car, which leads to the death of a senior student later that night.

11. Bryce Walker

11.1. Semi-succesful raped Hannah in a hot-tub Raped Jessica while Hannah was in the room without Bryce knowing.

12. Mr. Porter

12.1. Let Hannah leave his office while she told him that she had suicidal thoughts.

13. Justin Foley

13.1. On the tapes for the second time, because he let Bryce Walker rape Jessica