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Technologies of cooperation by Mind Map: Technologies of cooperation
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Technologies of cooperation

smart mobs, lowering barriers to cooperation

using sms, mobile

political revolutions, philippines, occupy wall street, arab spring, Spain after the terrorist attacks, Orange revolution (Ukraine), Penguin Revolution (Chile)

flash mobs

alternative currencies, local scrips, reputation, barter

alternative news, ohmynews (korea)


using other tools, mechanical turk etc

disaster relief operations

search for jim gray

power law of participation


are power laws "natural"? "ethical"?

peer production, unix


distributed computation,, SETI@home

open source

reframing corporate paradigms


printing press

l'encyclop├ędie, revolution, wikipedia

mass dissemination of information, memes (spreading like... genes?), spreading like... viruses?, polycentricities of governance

internet protocols

bad mobs

racists in Australia

semipermeable public-private boundaries