The Event Lifecycle

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The Event Lifecycle by Mind Map: The Event Lifecycle

1. During

1.1. Help attendees navigate the space

1.1.1. Upload maps and send push notifcation for schedule/room changes CrowdCompass

1.2. Get info to attendees

1.2.1. Send live push notifications CrowdCompass

1.3. Help attendees network

1.3.1. Allow attendees to schedule appointments with each other before or at the event, using existing meeting spaces Appointments

1.4. Collect attendee data

1.4.1. See where attendees are and when, which sessions they go to, and who they meet with OSS Appointments CrowdCompass

1.5. WOW them at registration

1.5.1. Create a seamless registration process with badges printed onsite and check in automated OA360

1.6. Generate brand awareness

1.6.1. Create badges, apps, and notifcation that are branded CrowdCompass OA

1.7. Create leads for exhibitors

1.7.1. Remove card-collecting from the trade show experience by making lead collection digital LeadCapture

1.8. Drive app adoption

2. After

2.1. Evaluate against 'goals'

2.1.1. Pull event data to see how attendees responded to the event Reporting

2.2. Provide hard numbers to back up ROE

2.2.1. Pull income numbers from the event Reporting

2.2.2. Track attendees from the event to the sales funnel Integrations

2.3. Iterate what you've learned in this event to improve

2.3.1. gleam insights from your event to see when to improve next year Reporting

2.4. Activate all this data in a meaningful way

2.4.1. Pull event information into the rest of your tech stack to tailor messaging for each attendee based on behavior at the event Integrations

3. Before

3.1. Finding the venue

3.1.1. Compare different vennues apples to apples CSN

3.2. Booking flights & hotels for attendees

3.2.1. Attendees can request flights or hotels/roommates, OR tell planners their already booked flight Travel

3.3. Managing your roomblock

3.3.1. Allow attendees to book and communicate with the hotel seemlessle Passkey

3.4. Creating and managing a budget

3.4.1. Track budgeting data across all spending sources, consistently across events Budget

3.5. Finding the right audience

3.5.1. Creating invite groups and sending to the right people Event

3.6. Sending out the right content

3.7. Measure effectiveness of your outreach efforts

3.8. Consistent marketing and brand across events

3.8.1. Make websites, communications, booking sites, etc. all with identical branding Event Passkey

3.9. Using events to drive event attendance

3.9.1. Keeping attendee lists from year to year Event

3.9.2. Leveraging push notifications to ad for next event CrowdCompass

3.10. Promoting to Sponsors

3.10.1. Banner adds on mobile apps drive more engagement than physical ads CrowdCompass

3.11. Determining ROI goals

3.12. Keep all information on attendees in one place

3.12.1. Manage every phase of the 'before' in one cross-functional platform Cvent

3.13. Managing and reviewing content

3.13.1. Create one page for content submissions with custom fields that relate to your event needs Abstract management

3.14. Integrating event data into your tech stack

3.14.1. Seamlessly integrate with your marketing, crm, or membership management solution Integrations Integration Hub

3.15. Replicate similar events quickly

3.15.1. Create event and budget templates that can be recreated rapidly Event Budget

3.16. Engage attendees and keep them informed before the event

3.16.1. Notifcations sent to attendees to keep them informed and excited Email CrowdCompass