Creative Commons for Open Culture

Unconference session on creative commons and open culture at the Retake the Net Barcamp, 29/10/11, Wellington, New Zealand

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Creative Commons for Open Culture by Mind Map: Creative Commons for Open Culture

1. Published under a CC-BY license. Feel free to add your resources, copy and embed this content into your own work. Please give attribution to ReTakethe.Net

2. CC Resources

2.1. NZ

2.1.1. Thanks to Jane Hornibrook for attending and answering our questions


2.2. International


2.3. Video


2.4. eBook

2.4.1. The Power of Open Thanks to David for printing copies for Retake the Net.

2.5. Sites

2.5.1. Open Knowledge Foundation

2.5.2. Open Culture

2.6. Presentations


2.7. Industry Interviews

2.7.1. New It Make

3. Misconceptions

3.1. CC replaces copyright

3.2. CC means no money

3.3. CC is just for creatives

3.4. CC is difficult to use

4. CC in the wild

4.1. Science

4.1.1. Mix and Mash

4.2. Government

4.2.1. NZGOAL

4.3. Open Data

4.3.1. Open NZ Wiki

4.4. Education

4.4.1. Albany High School CC Policy

4.5. Academia

4.5.1. Stanford University

4.6. Industry


4.7. CC Case studies


5. Open culture in NZ

5.1. What do we have?

5.1.1. National Library

5.1.2. Digital New Zealand

5.1.3. Te Papa

5.1.4. Creative Commoners

5.1.5. Meetups

5.2. What do we need?

6. Actions

6.1. Share more resources

6.2. Drive CC message into academia and government

6.3. More tertiary using CC for publications

6.4. More open data from government

7. Issues

7.1. Privacy and cultural sensitivity issues arise when institutions look at opening up collections.

7.2. Concern about cropping, culturally and morally, proper atrubution

7.3. Want to be innovative - safely