Consequences of uneven development

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Consequences of uneven development by Mind Map: Consequences of uneven development

1. Migration

1.1. Internal migration

1.1.1. people migrate within a country

1.2. International migration

1.2.1. people migrate to another country

2. Migrants

2.1. Immigrant

2.1.1. a person who is entering a new country (seen from the new country)

2.2. Emigrant

2.2.1. a person who is exiting his/her country (seen from the home country)

2.3. Integration

2.3.1. mixing yourself in the new society

3. Types of aid

3.1. Emergency aid

3.1.1. help that is given to a country directly after a disaster

3.2. Structural development aid

3.2.1. help that is given to a country to improve the development on a long-term basis

3.3. Debt relief

3.3.1. the debt of a country is partially or completely cancelled