AD/DD Assessments

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AD/DD Assessments by Mind Map: AD/DD Assessments

1. Connors Test

1.1. parents or caregiver fills out form related to child's behaviour.

1.1.1. New node

1.2. 3 Conners rating scales

1.2.1. teachers

1.2.2. parents

1.2.3. adolescents rate own behaviour

1.3. measures hyperactivity

1.4. used in school, treatment centres, pediatric offices and other facilities.

1.5. not to be used as the only tool to diagnose

2. ADHD Assessments

2.1. doctor

2.1.1. observe child

2.1.2. send for further testing if needed neuropsychological testing hearing/ language I.Q

2.1.3. medical history, physical exam

2.2. teacher and parents will give information

2.2.1. behaviour at school, home and other

2.2.2. length of symptoms

2.2.3. if symptoms are problematic

2.2.4. child's schoolwork