Intensive Farming Debate

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Intensive Farming Debate by Mind Map: Intensive Farming Debate

1. Against

1.1. Free Range

1.1.1. Can be... Meat Eggs Dairy

1.1.2. Animals Free to roam Gating lots of grass Not kept in confined spaces Lead a life closer to it's natural environment, Less likely to have steriods in or other chemicals.

1.2. Omega 3

1.2.1. Factory keep't animals do not produce as much omega 3, which inhibits the nutritional value of the eggs and meat.

1.3. Industrial Systems

1.3.1. Unnatural Cattle are fed growth hormones and additives to improve production. What problems can this cause to us?

1.4. Finace

1.4.1. More expensive to produce Not eating free range could succumb you to heart attacks and blood vessel related diseases.

1.4.2. Higher price in Shops More desirable to a customer Mine over matter. the customer thinks that the animal has lead a good like if it is free range therefore reducing the guild of killing a animal for food. Also this increases the taste of the food. Physically and conscientiously tastes better.

2. For

2.1. Mass production

2.1.1. Cheaper to produce the product

2.1.2. Requires less space

2.2. Cost effective

2.2.1. As the product is cheaper to produce it can be sold at a lower price point, therefore making it possible for people with less money to buy meat and feed more people.

2.2.2. Lots of the same animal can be produced at owance

2.3. Animals

2.3.1. Do the animals know that they are not meant to live like they are? They know no differnt

2.3.2. Can they think on a level that lets them think about their treatment.