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Introduction to Concept Mapping by Mind Map: Introduction to Concept Mapping
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Introduction to Concept Mapping

Main topic area?


Needed for BETT

Need for programme & how to get in touch with AfA

QR code info - labels?

Issue: Connectivity overstretched at Bett

Very little local software needed

Sound quality in room?

Broadcast camera saves to CF card

MirandaNet wiki spaces

Use link for info about tonight's MirandaMod

Using Flashmeeting

Flashmeeting is particulary good for people coming in from other places

We found in a room of people, there is a risk of sound feedback. You really need earphones & microphones!

Flashmeeting converts speech to text - not 100% accurate but good enough

You can make a screencast too

It's free for schools and academic purposes

Response systems

Good for avoiding "loudest voices" in focus group or meeting

Prepare questions

Use Notebook software (with Smartboard)

Response pad (looks like phone)

Green light shows on board

Multiple choice questions

pre-prepared questions

responses can be anonymous or you can have a class list

Responses can be completely anonymous or you can assign pad id numbers to your classlist

Sometimes people give better answers if they're anonymous - at least to others in the room

Pads can take up to 24 digits

Other pads available - 160 digits, maths equations, virtual edition (exploring at BETT)

Virtual pad - laptop, smartphone, iPhone etc - code joins person to session

SE version for computers connected directly to teacher/leader's computer

Use of the "Worm" eg Participants used voting pads to record their reactions whilst watching a live activity/debate/etc. Worms - tracked participants' attitudes



Automatic orientation (vertical/horizontal)

Accelerometer rotates the screen so it is always the right way up for the person looking at it

Can embed 3G SIM card

Built in safety eg must connect to school wireless, it shuts down

Onboard handwriting recognition works for all applications,

5-6 hours battery; can use 9 hour battery

cost est £350

Video Streaming

Cameras = about £300

Various videosharing real time eg Twitcam, Ustream

iPhones v good for getting video

Need for won wireless device (Hutchinson 3 hub device shown)

Need for decent lighting eg LED for localised light or on camera

Streaming - connected to computer to broadband - internet. Live broadcast!

Live streaming - can go wrong despite preparation

Use of lower res camera can resolve issue

Twitter - can use code for any embedded code for live stream

Film good quality camera for archive, broadcast lower quality for web


Follow people

Share info, media, docs etc

Hashtag (#) is the way to share a topic such inviting people to an activity eg MirandaMod!

Almost instant

Very short bursts of dialogue, fewer distractions than say, Facebook

Day 2: Reviewing the Process


No problems - flash could distrb


Change of tapes

Frequent need to adjust sound

Software meant use of laptop mike rather than camera.

Need 1 hour setup time

Flashmeeting only on sat

Synchronous streaming? asynchronous is done anyway


Need name to appear on badge - entrance via exhibitor route (no queue)

Bio needed & good quality photo


Video camera worked well, use of shotgun mike. Image & sound quality very good,

Useful to be able to know break to change memorycard

Bett - more, short presentations, then questions


Hard to see slides

Can't match real experience

Sound issue - hearing questions. Type them in?


Others editing affect nodes & behaviour of map

Bigger screen would be better

Projector quality needs to be better

Concept Maps

"Using it to plan course research"

"Good for revision"

Student feedback

Contribute without interrupting someone

Output/save choice - Word/document, Graphics or pdf

"I like the way we can collaborate"

"Real time collaboration very useful"