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LHINs by Mind Map: LHINs

1. Priority: Funding

1.1. Objective: Determine regions in greatest need

1.1.1. Strategy: Gather monthy/annual patient visitation statistics Accountability: statisticians

1.2. Objective: Develop funding plan

1.2.1. Strategy: 5 year plan of where money will be allocated and for what services Accountability: each district's LHIN (annual, semi-annual, quarterly deadlines)

2. Priority: Increase # of met ministry standards

2.1. Objective: improve % Alternate Care Days (# of patients who can be treated elsewhere)

2.1.1. Strategy: give patients option to be treated elsewhere (patients might be unaware) Accountability: doctor and nurses after each discharge of care

2.2. Objective: improve repeating unplanned emergency visits for mental health + substance abuse patients

2.2.1. Strategy: give patients better tools for substance abuse/mental health counselling. More resources to combat poor living conditions. Offer case work help. Doctos and nurses after discharge of care, case workers (ongoing role)

2.3. Objective: decrease readmission within 30 days for selected CMGs (Case Mixed Groups: acute-care inpatients with similar clinical and resource-utilisation characteristics). Stroke, COPD, pneumonia, congestive heart failure, diabetes, cardiac and gastrointestinal disorders.

2.3.1. Strategy: better education with patients on health maintenance (merging role for kinesiologists) Accountability: doctors, nurses, kinesiologists

3. Priority: Creating positive patient experiences

3.1. Objective: decrease ER wait times

3.1.1. Strategy: schedule more staff during peak times Accountability: scheduling administration, nurses, doctors, specialists

3.2. Objective: improve overall patient experience

3.2.1. Strategy: utilise patient experience measurement committee's perspective for evaluation. Annual review. Accountability: Patient Experience Measurement Commitee, Health Quality Ontario.