The Year of Dressing Formally

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The Year of Dressing Formally by Mind Map: The Year of Dressing Formally

1. Point Three:

1.1. The author thought that he could be an example to his students by dressing professionally as a symbol of growing up.

2. Point Four:

2.1. The author has noticed that he has been struggling with fit and proportion when it comes to dressing nicely.

3. Conclusion:

3.1. The author understands that he has made mistakes in the past and finds his "re-fashion" to be a good learning experience.

4. Thesis:

4.1. "I am approaching the one-year anniversary of a dramatic change in my personal style as an English Professor at a liberal-arts college in the rural Midwest."

5. Point One:

5.1. The author did extensive research on different styles of clothing for men throughout the years.

5.2. He conducted his research using television shows, the Internet, and books as his sources.

6. Point Two:

6.1. The author was accustomed to wearing formal attire (suit and tie) to school, from ages six to eighteen.

6.2. He tried to fit in the world of fashion by trying to mimic celebrities, such as Billy Idol.