20.2 European Nations settle in Noth America

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20.2 European Nations settle in Noth America by Mind Map: 20.2 European Nations settle in Noth America

1. Competing Claims in North America

1.1. Explorers Establish New France: French sailed west with dreams of reaching the East Indies

1.1.1. A trading Empire: Frances empire was immense but sparsely populated New France: Frances colonial empire in North America

2. The English Arrive in North America

2.1. The settlement at Jamestown: Colonys start was disastrous because they were more intersted in finding gold then planting crops

2.1.1. Puritans create a "New England": In 1620 a group known as the Pilgrims founded a new English colony, Plymouth, in massachusetts. The Dutch found New Netherland: The Dutch holdings in North America was known as New Netherland

3. native americans respond

3.1. A Strained Relationship: the french and dutch developed a cooperative relationship with the Native americans

3.1.1. Settlers and Native Americans Battle: the hostility between the english settlers and native americans led to warfare. Natives Fall to Disease: in 1616 an epidemic of smallpox ravaged native americans living along the new england coast.

4. the struggle for north america

4.1. the english oust the dutch: duke of york drove the dutch out with the english kings permission

4.1.1. england battles france: the english came hungry for more land they pushed further west, hitting frances land of north america in 1754 the french and indian war started over the conflict of land