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1.1. POST WW1

1.1.1. GERMANY TREATY OF VERSAILLES THE WEIMAR REPUBLIC FRENCH The Weimar Republic Weak accused of the 'stab in the back' theory German Society responded with passive resistance policy upper class (businessmen were speculating with German's money

2. Hitler's History

2.1. Former Artist

2.2. Builders Labourer

2.2.1. In Vienna Lost his job when a member of the jewish trade Union discovered he was not a member of the union This sparked his violent hatred for Jews Picked up many political ideas shaped the policies of the Nazi Party

2.3. Joined the Army

2.3.1. In 1914

2.3.2. moved to Munich

2.3.3. won medals for bravery November 1918 hitler was badly based and in hospital

2.3.4. officers noticed how good he was of a speaker

2.3.5. Given the job of countering enemy propoganda

3. The Early NAZI Leaders

3.1. Josef Goebbels

3.1.1. unable to fight WWI du to crippled foot, causing him to limp

3.1.2. very intelligent, well educated, and a brilliant public speaker

3.1.3. Joined the NAZI party 1922

3.1.4. opposed Hitlers leadership in the beginning, but changed his mind

3.1.5. He was the editor of the Nazi Newspapers (volkische Freiheit- peoples freedom)

3.2. Hermann Goering

3.2.1. came from middle class background

3.2.2. fought in the airforce in WWI

3.2.3. Won the highest medal of bravery under fire

3.2.4. intelligent, witty, charming but also vain and greedy

3.2.5. joined the nazi party in 1922

3.3. Rudolf Hess

3.3.1. Both a soldier and pilot of WWI

3.3.2. joined the party in 1920

3.3.3. soft and humerouless man who did not crave power

3.3.4. worshipped hitler

3.3.5. Was hitlers private secretary in the early days, later responsible for the party administration

3.4. In charge of the SA (stormtroopers)

3.5. Heinrich Himmler

3.5.1. Fought briefly in WWI

3.5.2. was an agricultural student

3.5.3. hard working and very precise

3.5.4. joined the party in 1923

3.5.5. was the regional party chief for various regions

3.6. Ernst Sohn

3.6.1. childhood dream was to be a soldier

3.6.2. captain of the germany army during WWI

3.6.3. tough, brutal, efficient teacher who had a violent temper

3.6.4. after war he joined the freikorps

3.6.5. Founder member of the Germans workers party in 1919

3.6.6. supported hitlers leadership in 1920

3.6.7. ran the SA for hitler in 1921