The Question Concerning Technology

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The Question Concerning Technology by Mind Map: The Question Concerning Technology

1. The Essence of Technology

1.1. What is technology?

1.1.1. A means to an end Manipulating technology in the proper manner as a means "The will to mastery becomes all the more urgent the more technology threatens to slip from human control."

1.1.2. A human activity

1.1.3. Technology itself is a contrivance

1.1.4. For a definition to be correct, all it must do is reference the shell of the concepts' essence, not the essence itself. What is the instrumental? Causality


3. Technology & Truth

3.1. Not just a means to an end

3.2. A way of revealing

3.3. Technikon

3.3.1. Techne Activities and skills of the craftsman The arts of the mind and the fine arts To understand, knowing, an expert "Reveals whatever does not bring itself forth and does not yet lie here before us." The acquisition of truth

4. Modern Technology

4.1. Challenges nature

4.1.1. Industrialisation

4.1.2. Agriculture

4.1.3. Mining

4.1.4. Created not just to exist

4.1.5. Stockpiling

4.1.6. Challenging-forth rather than bringing forth

4.1.7. Energy concealed in nature is unlocked. transformed, stored & distributed New way of revealing No end to the revealing process

4.2. The Role of Man

4.2.1. Takes part in ordering as a way of revealing

4.2.2. Merely obeying

4.2.3. Lack of listening

4.2.4. Technology determines the truth of nature rather than humans being aware of this truth