Input & Output Devices for Computers

Differences, Benefits, and Challenges

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Input & Output Devices for Computers by Mind Map: Input & Output Devices for  Computers

1. Input Devices allow users to express their thoughts and ideas, they are the drivers of the information and use tools such as a keyboard or mouse

2. Graphic Tablets allow users freedom to express free hand or even recreate architectural maps

3. Graphic Tablets "give precise control and digitizer technology can be easily adapted for educational technology, educators, and learners"(Lever-Duffy & McDonald 2011 p. 150)

4. Graphic Tablets are another form of input device, they utilize a stylus pen and are commonly used within classes that design visual products

5. Difficulties of utlizing and items to consider: style, size, resolution, & compatibility

6. Benefits include; stimulating visually, can highlight, and integrate other means of technology

7. Output Devices use the input information to produce a result, in text, image,design,audioor visual end product

8. LCD Projectors are good examples of output devices

9. Challenges are; learning how to navigate/write on the projector and expenses for upkeep such as ink or bulbs