Articles "a"/ "an"

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Articles "a"/ "an" by Mind Map: Articles "a"/ "an"

1. "a" and "an" have the same meaning. Both are indefinite articles. They are different only when they depend on the word or phoneme that follows them.

1.1. For example

1.1.1. a ball una pelota

1.1.2. an apple una manzana

2. When to use "a"

2.1. "a" is usually used before a noun that starts with a consonant, such as b, c, s, and t

2.1.1. For example a boy un niño a cat un gato a dog un perro a girl una niña a lake un lago

2.2. When the vowel "u" or the combination "eu", for example, is pronounced as "you", they are considered a vowel. That's why "a" is used with the words in the table below.

2.2.1. For example a unicorn un unicornio a uniform un uniforme a euro un euro a European un europeo

2.3. Before a word that starts with an "h" that produces a raspy sound, as in the words in the table, "a" is used.

2.3.1. For example a horse un caballo a home una casa

3. When to use "an"

3.1. "an" is normally used before a noun that starts with a vowel, such as a, e, and i

3.1.1. For example an apple una manzana an album un álbum an elephant un elefante an ear una oreja

3.2. When the vowel "u" is pronounced as "uh", it is considered a vowel. That's why it's used with the words and phrases in the table below.

3.2.1. For example an umpire un árbitro an uncle un tío

3.3. Before a word that starts with a silent "h"

3.3.1. For example an hour una hora an honor un honor