Definition of Language, Learning and Teaching

Definition of Languages

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Definition of Language, Learning and Teaching by Mind Map: Definition of Language, Learning and Teaching

1. Learning Mechanisms

1.1. Implicit

1.1.1. Arthur Reber: " a primitive process of apprehending structure by attending to frequency cues"

1.1.2. Implicit learning defined as learning without awareness of what is being learned sequence learning control of complex system artificial grammars

1.1.3. Example acquire native language inductive and implicit

1.2. Explicit

1.2.1. defined as learners concious and deliberate attempt to solve a problem

1.2.2. involves memorizing

1.2.3. demands on: working memory

1.2.4. learners are aware of learning

1.2.5. example multiplication playing chess

2. Language

2.1. Socialization argues:

2.1.1. Knowledge is based on language and linguistic representations

2.2. human minds

2.2.1. are shaped by language it denies infant knowledge implicit knowledge

2.3. The mastery of language entails

2.3.1. correct grammatically texts

2.3.2. appropriate speech

2.4. To study a language

2.4.1. is to study a meaning system

2.5. Is

2.5.1. a historical product

2.5.2. a system consist of development acquisition maintenance use of communication

3. Teaching a language

3.1. teach a system of:

3.1.1. cultural customs sociolinguistic aspects adapting to life

3.1.2. values

3.1.3. ways of thinking

3.1.4. feeling

3.1.5. acting

4. Learning

4.1. is a process of:

4.1.1. acquiring new knowledge

4.1.2. acquisition of skills through study experiences being taught

4.1.3. behaviors

4.1.4. values

4.1.5. preferences

4.2. ability to learn

4.2.1. processes involved: educational psychology neuropsychology experimental psychology pedagogy