Validity and Reliabilty

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Validity and Reliabilty by Mind Map: Validity and Reliabilty

1. Types of Validity


2.1. Test-Retest

2.2. Alternative Form

2.3. Internal Consistency

3. Reliabilty

3.1. The test is given twice and the correlation between the first set of scores and the second set of scores is determined

3.2. If there are two equivalent forms of a test, these forms can be used to obtain an estimate of the reliability of the scores from the test

3.3. If the test in question is designed to measure a single basic concept, it is reasonable to assume that people who get one item right will be more likely to get other, similar items right

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4. Criterion-Related Validity Evidence

4.1. Concurrentcriterion-relatedvalidityevidence

4.2. Predictivevalidityevidence

5. Content Validity