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Chapter 3 -Multi-step equations and inequalities by Mind Map: Chapter 3 -Multi-step equations and
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Chapter 3 -Multi-step equations and inequalities

This year we began learning about solving Multi-step equations and inequalities. We have already learned how to solve two-step equations, how to solve equations having Like terms and parentheses and how to solve equations with variables on both sides. Today (November 10 2011) we are going to learn how to solve inequalities using addition or subtraction.

3.1 Solving Two-Step Equations

3.1 Includes many types of solving, solving two step equations. Solving two- step Equations .... Using Subtraction and division to solve.. Using Addition and Multiplication to solve. Using an Equation with Negative Coefficients. The last one is Writing and Solving a two-step Equation

Using Subtraction and Division to solve

Using Addition and Multiplication to solve

Solving an Equation with Negative Coefficients

Writing and Solving a two-step equation

3.2 Solving Equations having Like terms and Parentheses

3.2 is mostly about distributive property and to combine like terms when you distribute.

Solving Equations using the distributive property

Combining like terms after distributing

3.3 Solving Equations with variables on both sides

Solving an Equation with the variable on both sides

Writing and Solving an Equation

An Equation with no solution

Solving an equation with all numbers as solutions

Solving an Equation to find a perimeter

Where I got my explanations

I got the explanations from the Math Text Book.

3.4 Solving inequalities using addition or subtraction

Writing and graphing an Inequality

Solving an Inequality using subtraction

Solving an Inequality using addition

Writing and Solving an Inequality

3.5 Solving Inequalities using multiplication or division

Solving an Inequality using multiplication

Solving an Inequality using division

Writing and solving an Inequality

3.6 Solving Multi-step Inequalities

Writing and Solving a Multi-Step Inequality