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1. Has Connective Structures

1.1. Extracellular matrix

1.1.1. forms a composite material Fiber Composite

1.1.2. proteins that bind are Integrins

1.1.3. glycoprotein Collagen such as requires

1.1.4. Basal lamina connects animal

1.2. Intercellular

1.2.1. made up of Tissues like the

1.3. found in cell walls of algae, plants, and some bacteria and fungi such as

1.3.1. Cellulose

1.4. cells bind to each other through

1.4.1. Selective adhesion

1.5. Integral Membrane Proteins

1.5.1. and Peripheral Membrane Proteins

2. Has structures based on Communication

2.1. Chemical Messenger

2.1.1. are any compound that serves to transmit a message such as Signal molecules proteins that bind to it are called Receptor hormone complex

3. Surrounded by

3.1. Plasma Membrane

3.2. Cell Wall

3.2.1. Primary Cell Wall composed of Pectin connected to other cell walls by Middle Lamella

3.2.2. Secondary Cell Wall

3.2.3. Plants creates a pressure Turgor Pressure are connected to other cells through Plasmodesmata Lignin

3.3. Cell Membrane

3.3.1. Animals Are Connected to other animal cells through Tight Junction Allows small ions and molecules to pass Gap Junction

4. Has connections within the cell that aid in communication

4.1. Phosphodieterase

4.2. Receptor Tyrosine Kinase

4.2.1. may trigger Signal Transduction for example Phosphorylation Cascade