Reinvent mobile homes experience for schools with sound design

Reinvent mobile homes experience for schools using sound design

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Reinvent mobile homes experience for schools with sound design by Mind Map: Reinvent mobile homes experience for schools with sound design

1. The Impact of sound on the brain

1.1. 6) Music expectancy: This is tied to our experiences with music: for instance, an unfamiliar variation on a standard note progression like may cause feelings of surprise and curiosity.

1.1.1. ways in which music-theoretical, cognitive, and computational accounts of musical expectancy may be bridged.

1.2. 5) Episodic memory: Also known as the "Darling, they're playing our tune" phenomenon - when a particular sound or piece of music evokes a powerful memory.

1.3. 4) Visual imagery: When the structure of a piece of music makes us imagine certain scenes or sensations, such as a rising melody connecting with the sensation of moving upwards


1.4. 3) Emotional contagion: When we perceive the emotion expressed by a piece of music: the music doesn't necessarily sound sad, but rather we recognise it as expressing sadness.

1.5. 2) Evaluative conditioning: When an emotion is elicited by sound because we have heard it repeatedly in a certain setting, leading to an association between sound and setting

1.5.1. Six studies explored the extent to which evaluative conditioning (EC) can change adults’ child-related attitudes and expectations. A subset of studies also investigated the extent to which EC can change child-related attributions of hostile intent, anger, use of harsh discipline, and use of punishment. An initial study demonstrated that a brief EC procedure increased positive attitudes, decreased negative attitudes, and decreased expected need for future child discipline; findings that were replicated in five additional studies.

1.6. 1) Brain stem reflex: When the acoustic characteristics of the sound (eg loud or dissonant) signal a "potentially important and urgent event", causing us to react on an instinctive level.

2. Schools

2.1. School Trips

2.1.1. Escape Rooms There is an increasing phenomenon of field trips taken to escape rooms to allow students to have fun while developping skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, team-work, attention etc.

2.1.2. Differents types of Field Trips: Science Field Trip, Living History Field trip, Biology Field Trip, Social Scienec Field Trip, Fun Field Trip, Culture Field trip...

3. Mobile Homes

3.1. The mobile home industry is dying.

3.1.1. When it comes to unlucky industries, it's manufactured home (aka mobile home) retailers who really hit the trifecta*. First they missed out on the housing boom. Then they felt the gut-punch of the recession. Now they might yet might miss out on the recovery. That makes them America's fastest dying industry, according to a new report from IBISWorld. Mobile homes in american culture Maybe it is time for mobile homes to gain a new use ! What about a mobile escape room ?

3.2. Mobile homes have a very mystical representation our culture.

3.2.1. In American popular imagination, the mobile home evokes images of cramped interiors, cheap materials, and occupants too poor or unsavory to live anywhere else. Mobile Homes suffer from a dusty image and a negative conotation.. Time for Mobile Homes to renew their image !

4. Sound Design

4.1. What is Sound Design ?

4.2. Sound Design and Experience

4.2.1. The reality is that most brand marketers and product designers are not aware of the positive or negative impact sound has on the consumer experience. But the cognitive and emotional effect is greater than you think.

5. Our ability to learn and remember is based largely on how many of our senses are triggered.

5.1. Some people are even more attune to one or two senses over others Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell all come together to reinforce our interpretation of the world around us. The more we can incorporate into a haunt or escape room, the more likely the experience will be remembered.

6. Can we merge a mobile home and an escape room ?

6.1. In fact, there already exist many mobile escape rooms in the US !

6.1.1. Mobile Escape Room LA

6.1.2. Mobile Escape Room trailers

6.1.3. Great Escape Game

6.2. Mobile Home + Escape Room

7. Sound appears to a prominent topic in escape room industry. of a great sound design in an escape room.

7.1. Escape Room Music

7.1.1. What Is “Escape Room” And Why Is It One Of My Top Genres On Spotify?

7.2. Sound provides a unique form of signaling. It is Omni-directional, meaning that it can signal an object or event that is completely out of sight and both outside and inside your tactile senses. Because sound is not visible to the human eye under normal conditions, several key effects can be implemented in Escape Rooms using only audio and a well placed set of speakers.

8. Schools and sound design

8.1. Choice of the optimal acoustic design of a school classroom and experimental verification.

8.1.1. The acoustic environment in a typical school classroom is often an obstacle for students to listening and learning as well as maintaining attention, sticking to task, speech recognition and reading achievement. In this paper three commonly used scenarios of acoustic correction design of a classroom at an Italian state school were investigated, in order to choose the most favourable acoustical configuration.

8.2. Sound quality may have an impact on students' learning experience!