Why will Artificial Intelligence (AI) help encourage moving out for students ?

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Why will Artificial Intelligence (AI) help encourage moving out for students ? by Mind Map: Why will Artificial Intelligence (AI) help encourage moving out for students ?

1. Target : Who ? For who ?

1.1. For the student, AI is a source of encouragement

1.1.1. As soon as he/she is 18 years old He will be able to leave the family home calmly and he will volounteer to move out He can learn with AI to live alone, or he will be helped by robots / apps / etc.

1.1.2. Ai will then follow him the rest of his life, that will facilitate him life forever ....... (see others sections)

1.2. For parents

1.2.1. The needs of parents To keep in touch To avoid emotional deprivation To maintain family ties To maintain their authority In case of deviance To ensure that everything is fine, monitoring In case of accident In case of disaster To reasure their child In case of solitude In case of problem To follow their child's outlines

1.3. For friends

1.3.1. To keep in touch

1.3.2. To follow their buddy's outlines

2. Interests : Why ?

2.1. Why move out ?

2.1.1. Abroad Discover new people Discover a new culture Develop new skills Adaptation Sociability Independence Tolerance

2.1.2. Leave the parents' house To be independent Financially Intellectually To take responsability To learn to do daily tasks Cleaning Clothes Cooking Shopping Little DIY

2.2. Why can not the student do it alone?

2.2.1. Difficult adaptation

2.2.2. There are many things to think about when moving out https://www.unpakt.com/blog/8-steps-to-moving-out-for-the-first-time/

2.2.3. Loneliness

2.2.4. Lack of landmarks

2.3. Why use AI ?

2.3.1. AI can replace a human / animal presence

2.3.2. Avenir : Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Human Experience https://hackernoon.com/how-artificial-intelligence-will-change-the-human-experience-99d795ce84b8

2.3.3. AI is at the service of the man (a student here)

2.3.4. AI can help in the daily tasks

3. Disadvantages

3.1. AI can not reduce the real distance

3.1.1. We can not see our family when we want, only virtual

3.1.2. The interaction is at best visual and oral

3.2. Loss of benefits to live with parents

3.2.1. Meal ready

3.2.2. Clothes

3.2.3. Cleaning

3.2.4. Company, exchange

3.3. AI is expensive

4. Technologies : What types of technologies are related to AI ?

4.1. Mobile Apps

4.2. Artificial vision

4.3. Voice recognition

4.4. Chatbot

4.5. Robot

4.5.1. Human The advantage to this new form of robot (humanoid) is that the person in front does not feel like having to do a machine and it gives a more pleasant side especially when this machine is permanently in your daily life

4.5.2. Pet

4.6. Smart car

4.6.1. For students who do not have the permit: they can still move out and move alone without the help of parents!

4.6.2. Today there are already vehicles that can move alone with the help of camera and sensors distributed on it. Nevertheless, there are still loopholes in the programs that can make them miss maneuvers or not follow the right path. These vehicles can be considered intelligent because it adapts to their environment, can react alone and dissociate the road from obstacles.

5. Place : Where to implement AI ?

5.1. In the house ...

5.1.1. of parents

5.1.2. of student In France Abroad

5.2. Permanently with him (outside also so)

5.2.1. Smartphone

5.2.2. Tablet

5.2.3. Connected watch

6. Time : When to use AI ? When will it help the student ?

6.1. When he moves

6.1.1. During daily trips Car On foot Bike Scooter Public transport Bus Metro

6.1.2. During long or exceptional trips / During a move abroad TGV Plane

6.2. When student is at home

6.2.1. In the moments of relaxation Drink with friends Meal with friends TV party

6.2.2. In everyday tasks On a daily basis, robots in the form of humanoid develop, they will allow to do the cleaning, the shopping, the kitchen etc. These robots will have a look and a human voice. Robot vacuum Robot mower

6.2.3. In work periods Helps with the resolution of homework Helps with concentration

6.2.4. At night : to monitor his sleep

6.2.5. In moments of loneliness Absence of family Absence of friends

6.3. When the student is at school

6.3.1. Helps with concentration

6.3.2. Helps with taking notes

6.4. During extracurricular activities

6.4.1. Sports

6.4.2. Music

6.4.3. Outings Cinema Museum Shopping Walks