Pre-Research - IB

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Pre-Research - IB by Mind Map: Pre-Research - IB

1. "How successful.. "Allows for an evaluation of the success of an approach, method policy, style, etc. on an associated areas (e.g. success of a political policy on economic development of X region).

2. "How successful ... Allows for an evaluation of the success of an approach, method, policy style, etc. on a n associated area (e.g. success of a political policy on economic development of X region). .

3. Relevant dates / time period

3.1. Limit paper to specific dates- Not too many years and nothing after 2009. Choose a period of years, titles of historical events or people's lives

3.1.1. Great Depression (1929) to World War II (1940) in the Plains States

3.1.2. Europe during Hitler's reign (1933-1945)

3.1.3. - 1800 to 1860 in America

4. Places related to your topic - geography

5. Key people who are a part of your topic

5.1. Check out TED Talks,

5.2. MOOC's

5.3. PGCMLS Kanopy Documentaries

6. Key events that occur before or after your topic that might be related

7. Keywords and subject headings - note broad terms and narrow terms

7.1. Keywords - World War 2 -- Subject Heading - World War, 1939 - 1945

7.2. BT - World . NT North America . BT - USA - NT - Maryland

8. Why did you choose this topic? Why is the topic worthy of investigation?

9. Background Reading -- Slide 4 and 5 - with Quiz

10. Historical Concepts

10.1. Limit investigation by examining one element of it and use historical concepts to focus

10.1.1. Cause of Something

10.1.2. Effect of something/one on something

10.1.3. Significance of something/one on something

10.1.4. Extent to which something fits with something else or can be categorized as something.

10.1.5. Impact of something/one on something

10.1.6. The extent to which something is an excellent example of something else

11. IB Command Terms - Sentence starters

11.1. "To what extent... - Allows for an evaluation of the degree (extent) to which something is true or a contributing factor. To effectively answer this type of question, the main body of the essay should include considerations of other influencing factors. For example, a question relating to the extent the role played by the military, external nations and other factors in order to more fully answer "the extent" aspect of the question.

11.2. "How crucial/significant "Allows for an an analysis of the significance of one or more factors on other associated areas.

12. Use the outline in MS Word and add your information

13. Tool Box

13.1. Diiigo

13.2. Mndmeister

13.3. Writing Navigator - Currculum Pathwys

13.4. Anti-Plagiarism Tool

13.5. Snappy Words

13.6. Brainfuse Writing Lab

13.7. EasyBib

13.8. Library Research Webpage

13.9. ProQuest Dissertations

13.10. Lynda - Writing a Research Paper Tutorial