Step by Step Guide for Reskilling on Social Media Marketing

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Step by Step Guide for Reskilling on Social Media Marketing by Mind Map: Step by Step Guide for Reskilling on Social Media Marketing

1. Step 4

1.1. Train and Certify on the Google

1.1.1. Project 3 Google My Business Training on Google My Business Create your own "Google my business" as a project and attach the URL Get the Certificate

1.1.2. Project 4 Google Ads Search Google Ads Fundamentals Google Ads Search Certification Remarketing Lists for Search Ads: Efficiently Reach Higher-Value Audiences

1.1.3. Project 5 Google Ads Mobile

1.1.4. Project 6 Google Ads Video

1.1.5. Project 7 Google Ads Display

1.1.6. Project 8 Shopping ads

2. Step 4

2.1. Facebook / Instagram

2.1.1. Project 11 Facebook learning objectives 1. Register with Facebook learning 2. Getting Started with Facebook 3. Get started with advertising 4. Target the right audience 5. Build awareness 6. Generate leads 7. Increase Sales

2.1.2. Project 12 Instagram 1. Introduction to Instagram 2. Facebook and Instagram

2.1.3. Project 13 Certification 310-101: Facebook Advertising Core Competencies

3. Step 1

3.1. Understanding the Global Opportunity

3.1.1. Project 1 Explore the opportunities available at for Social Media Marketing Registering at Apply to join Upwork Tell us more about you Come up with the top 10 jobs that appeal to each of you and tell us why ? Click on the search button and select Find Jobs Search for "Social Media Marketing" Explore the jobs - i got 7960 Jobs You can filter the jobs We are a clothing brand for Entrepreneurs and are in need of: Someone who is fluent in English and has high expertise in creating and managing the following: -Social Media Management -Email Marketing -Content Writing Just take your time to soak yourself in the jobs that are listed, imagine yourself doing it Spend a lot of time on understanding the jobs even though you dont have a clue how this should be done Select at least 100 jobs that interest you by saving it - press the heart button Out of the 100 jobs, please select the 10 that you really like and list them out here in the mind map and then say Why like it ? Time for this Project - 7 days

4. Step 2

4.1. Understanding the Global Competition

4.1.1. Project 2 explore the candidate's profiles who will compete for these jobs and look at what they have got Click on the search button and select Find Freelancers Search for "Social Media Marketing" Explore the Candidates - I got You can filter the jobs Just take your time to soak yourself in the Candidates that are listed, imagine yourself as one of them Spend a lot of time on understanding their profile description, portfolio , money they have earned so far , ratings and comments they have got jobs even though you dont have a clue how you will need to learn these skills Select at least 10 Candidates that interest you and put them over here and tell us why you like them and what aspects of their profile would you like to do it yourself Start the process of making your own profiles look sharp at Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter This is only a start , you can start writing some of the things that you aspire to become through the training Dont worry if you cant do this, we will tackle it List all the things you have done for each of your profile Time for this Project - 7 days

5. Step 4

5.1. WebSites

5.1.1. 1. Understanding the need Static school description Dynamic Team events eCommerce Shopping Cart Check Out Users Login users Partner users domain school restaurent travel media marketplace data type Documents Videos Photos

5.1.2. 2. Choosing the right template WordPress Themes & Website Templates from ThemeForest Explore the templates after searching with key terms "HOTEL" or "TRAVEL" Select the template Buy the template Download the zip file

5.1.3. 3. Deploying the template in DEV environment

5.1.4. 4. Understanding what’s out of the box from the template

5.1.5. 5. Understanding what else can be added from the WordPress add ons

5.1.6. 6. Building the website

5.1.7. 7. Building the menu

5.1.8. 8. Testing the website

5.1.9. 9. Buying the domain name

5.1.10. 10. Deploying into the domain

6. Step 5

6.1. Twitter

6.1.1. Project 15 Learn Twitter basics 1. Intro to Twitter 2. Create your Twitter account 3. Intro to Twitter for businesses 4. Follow people on Twitter 5. Send and delete tweets

6.1.2. Project 16 Become an advanced tweeter 1. Add/use images and videos in your tweet 2. Embed tweets in a blog or website 3. Learn how to use hashtags 4. Learn to retweet 5. Create and subscribe to lists 6. Learn how to pin/unpin tweets and use links in tweets 7. Learn to search for what you are looking for on Twitter 8. Learn to use Twitter cards

6.1.3. Project 17 Become a Twitter marketer 1. Basics of defining marketing strategy 2. Learn basics of managing reputation on Twitter 3. Manage conversions 4. Use automation features on Twitter 5. Learn about analytics native to Twitter 6. Learn good content strategy tips 9. Good tips to easily manage your client's Twitter account

7. Step 3

7.1. Hootsuite

7.1.1. Project 3 Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Training 1. Access the training home page and signup using 'Sign up' button on the top right 2. On the signup page signup using your email or an existing social profile 3. On signup you will be automatically logged in. From this page click on the FREE Social Marketing Training course. 4. On the course page click the tab 'Curriculum'. Courses are listed in order. Start with course 1. Each course will guide you through the steps as you click 'Complete & Continue' on each screen.