2020 Big Event

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2020 Big Event by Mind Map: 2020 Big Event

1. 1. Organize DD workshop for the event

1.1. 2. Set our intention

1.1.1. 5. Refine the goal and dream

1.1.2. 2.5. Guardian of the Karabirrdt 3. Create narrative for event 4. Identify how we want to be recognized on a national level 6. Brainstorm branding elements 8. Make a list for qualifications of host site

1.1.3. 7. Identify audience, stakeholders and partners 12. Connect to GEN Regional Conference planners and GEN Board 17. Harvest best practices from other events 13. Form working sub-groups/pods 20. Curate facilitators

1.1.4. 9. Build a contact list 16. Create early invite/save the Date! 22. Design schedule

2. About this Map: I recreated the karabirrdt by grouping the tasks with the task before them. Connecting lines are drawn to related tasks. The branches of tasks suggest working groups that could come together around each sequence. If someone has volunteered for the role their name is underneath. To add a name, click on the check mark in the floating menu and click on Assigned To. Green highlight means the task is done. The circles in front of the numbers represent the stages of Dream, Plan, Do, Celebrate.