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Honor Code by Mind Map: Honor Code

1. main idea 1: there is a cultural idea that people follow and if you don't then you are considered dumb.

1.1. Example

1.1.1. He was disruptive during circle time. By midyear, there’d be sly little hints dropped that maybe Henry’s parents should think about medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Many of the other boys are on it, and they find school much easier.

1.2. Example

1.2.1. Henry would withdraw. He’d decide that the official school culture is for wimps and softies and he’d just disengage. In kindergarten, he’d wonder why he just couldn’t be good. By junior high, he’d lose interest in trying and his grades would plummet.

1.3. Evidence

1.3.1. The education system has become culturally cohesive, rewarding and encouraging a certain sort of person: one who is nurturing, collaborative, disciplined, neat, studious, industrious and ambitious. People who don’t fit this cultural ideal respond by disengaging and rebelling.

2. main idea 2: male testing scores are far below from female test scores.

3. main idea 4: college admisions are lowering their admission requirements so more men are able to attend.

3.1. Example

4. main idea 3: girls normally do better then guys.