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Topic # 3 by Mind Map: Topic # 3

1. Research

1.1. Questions

1.1.1. What are some of the intended and unintended consequences of irresponsible journalism? Case studies Law Suits

1.1.2. Compare the differences between irresponsible and responsible reporting on HeLa and the Lacks family. Positive Negative

1.1.3. . What constitutes ethical journalism? Definition of ethics Journalism through the years look up magazine and newspaper policies for journalism ethics

1.2. Research Methods

1.2.1. Key Words Ethics Journalism Ethics Reports on HeLa Cells and family

2. Opinion

2.1. Needs foundation and guidelines

2.1.1. Ethics Codes

2.1.2. Journalism gone wrong

2.2. Helps to shape the worlds opinion on a certain topic

2.2.1. Slander

2.2.2. How aspect of certain things are looked @ in the human eye

2.3. Protests the source

2.3.1. Sets boundaries for journalists

2.4. journalism ethics